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  • Design
    Our more than 10 years of long experience in this field allows us to professionally approach to any designing issues, according to:   ... read more
  • Production
    Our company produces: 1. Faraday shielded enclosures, made of sandwich type panels with copper foil, together with all necessary elements for... read more
  • Assembling
    We carry and assemble the units of the shielded cabins with trained and experienced personnel. In normal conditions, work assembling takes 6... read more
  • Interfacing services
    Arranging connected areas; Assembling suspended floors in tehnical rooms; Carrying medical devices from the truck up to the... read more
  • Selling
    Lead foil, with thicknesses of 0,5 mm; 1,0 mm; 1,5 mm 2,0 mm from our stock. For thicknesses till 50 mm, we can finish your order in about 4... read more