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  • Production

Our company produces:

1. Faraday shielded enclosures, made of sandwich type panels with copper foil, together with all necessary elements for an MRI device:

  • Shielded doors;
  • Shielded windows;
  • Electrical internal installation and necessary power filters;
  • Special floors, covered with anti-static or conductive PVC;
  • Shielded cable ducts;
  • Stainless tubbing for helium emergency evacuation;
  • Electromagnetic filters for air conditioning;
  • Magnetic shielding with steel plates.

2. Lead-plate linings for radio protection, with lead thicknesses between 0,5 and 3,5 mm, fixed on  plywood plates, with lining supports;

  • leaded doors
  • leaded windows

For both domains, we provide "turn-key" structures, according to electromagnetic shielding and radio protection standards, but with an attractive design.